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Quick Find

Quick Find allows you to search your library very, very quickly - in fact it will generate results as fast as you can type!

Just click in the Quick Find box or press Ctrl-Q and then type in some search text. The results are updated each time you type a character.
(searches are case-insensitive)

SmartLibrarian will then find all matches in Resource titles, names of People & Organizations, names of Series or Subjects or Keywords or Classifications or Class Groups. They are shown in a popup list with the matches highlighted.

The popup list will resize itself to exactly fit the matches if they all fit on the screen; if not then up to the height of your screen with a scrollbar to allow you browse through them with the keyboard (Up/Down and Page Up/Page Down). You can use the mouse scroll wheel too.

The image below shows matches for "south" across 28,000+ items - all found within 6 milliseconds!

Note that the matches are separated into 'blocks' of similar types. You can use Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down to jump between the blocks.


You can then click on any of the items and its Link will be opened and the QuickFind closed.

If you hold down Alt as you click on an item then the item itself will be opened directly (similar to showing a Link and clicking Open).

If you hold down Shift as you click on an item, the QuickFind will stay open allowing you to click on further matching items and open their links too. When you have opened all the Links you need, press ESC to close the QuickFind.


You can use the filter button to direct Smart Librarian where to look for matches.


The displayed matches are updated immediately.


Search Types

By default, the search text you type is considered a match if it appears anywhere within the item text - a Contains match - but you can also perform a Starts With match (append a '*' character) or an Ends With match (preceed with a '*' character).

For example, searching for "*john", and Ends With search, will find all items that end with "john" and since the People are listed with forenames last, you can easily find all People called John.

And if the original search shown above was changed to a Starts With search, the results are displayed like this


(note that special attention has been paid to textual Starts With searches on Classifications so that the digits are ignored)