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Install Software

To install SmartLibrarian, you do not need Administrator rights but you will need Microsoft SQL Server Express installed first which does require Administrator rights to install - you may need to get your IT department to perform this step or to temporarily modify your rights to allow you to do it- see Install SQL Server Express.


    If your machine already has both .NET 4.6.1 and SQL Server Express installed already, you can click on the Launch button and jump to step 3.

  2. Click on the Install button which will download setup.exe
    Click Run to start which will download and install .NET 4.6.1 (a reboot may be required but installation will continue afterwards).

  3. Click the Install button on the screen shown below
    (you can click on the Publisher link to ensure the certificate is valid and be assured that the files have not been tampered with) 


  4. The files will begin copying…


  5. Uncheck the “Always ask before opening this file" checkbox and click Run.


The software is now installed fully installed and in future is started from the normal icon on the Desktop or Taskbar.

You will see the login popup box.


 Click the Login button and, after a pause whilst SmartLibarian looks for the database (which isn't there yet), this form will be shown


You now need to choose where the database that SmartLibrarian uses will be from

The first open will create a new and completely empty database.

The second option is for advanced use only and will generate to be used on an existing, non-local database server/

The third option will place a copy of a sample database onto your SQL Server. See below

The fourth option will prompt you for a database backup file to use. This option is used when we build your database for you - typically by extracting information from your old library software provider.


Installing the Sample Database

Click the “Copy the Sample Database…” option.

Click OK to confirm “SmartLibrarianDemo” as the database name.
The sample database will be restored…


.. click Close to continue.
Click Yes to confirm using this database as the default database at the next login.
Installation is now complete!
Click Login to start the application.

This only needs to be done once.


The sample database contains a ficticious school - St. Trinians - and is pre-populated with Patrons, Class Groups, Resource, Past Loans etc.
This is medium to large database with 18,194 resources so that you can see how easily SmartLibrarian can deal with libraries of that size.

Note that the sample database does not come with the book cover images pre-installed. This is done to save space.
However, they can be installed very easily 

Click on the Librarian Only button and enter "letmein" as the default password.

Click on the Alerts button and wait until the "ISBN with Book Cover available at" alert appears.
Click the '+' button to expand it and then click the "Fetch all available Cover Images" option and Confirm.

The book covers will start being downloaded and applied to the relevant resources. You can continue using the software whilst this happens.